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Things to Consider Before Inground Pool Installation

A swimming pool can turn your yard into a luxurious haven. Not to mention, swimming pools provide numerous hours of pool play for your children. However, before constructing a pool, you need to consider a broad spectrum of factors. Remember, inground pool installation is not as simple as most people think. So, below are some…

January 29, 2022
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How Much Does Swimming Pool Installation Cost?

Typically, swimming pool installation costs thousands of dollars. So, before installing a swimming pool, you need to evaluate your requirements. This way, you’ll determine whether building your pool is worth your money. So, how much does swimming pool installation cost? The cost of installing a swimming pool On average, swimming pool installation costs $45,000. Above-ground…

January 22, 2022
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How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

At present, the majority of homeowners are looking for ways to spice up their backyards. Most of them do this through landscaping. Yard landscaping undoubtedly enhances your property’s aesthetics. There is a broad spectrum of landscaping techniques you can use to transform your home into a serene haven. But how much does landscaping cost? The…

January 15, 2022
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The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping adds a whole new charm to your outdoor space. So, if you want to make your yard more attractive, consider landscaping. Fortunately, a broad spectrum of pool landscaping ideas can help you upgrade your yard. In this article, we look at some of the best pool landscaping ideas. Pool Landscaping ideas to consider in…

January 8, 2022
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Finding the Best Landscaping Contractors

At present, finding a good landscaping contractor is not a walk in the park. Not all landscaping contractors are reliable in the United States. Therefore, you need to conduct thorough research on the best contractors before you hire one. Fortunately, Phoenix Construction and Design has got you covered. We have the most dependable and experienced…

January 1, 2022
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