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Houston Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2021

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Houston Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2021

Nowadays, homeowners are not only revamping their living room areas but also their kitchen spaces. Luckily, there are many trendy kitchen decor ideas you can use to make your kitchen more appealing. Some homeowners often prefer remodeling their kitchens by themselves. However, it is always advisable to hire a professional to conduct the remodeling procedure for you. If you live in Houston, Phoenix Construction & Design has got you covered. We offer the best kitchen remodeling services based on your needs. In this article, we look at some of the best Houston kitchen remodeling trends in 2021.

Houston Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2021

Using marble on kitchen floors and surfaces

Using marble print is an ideal way of remodeling your kitchen. Consider using heavily veined marble on your kitchen walls or surfaces. Marble also works perfectly fine on kitchen floors. In addition, marble significantly boosts the aesthetics of your kitchen. One of the main advantages of this material is that it is durable and associated with luxury. More often than not, experts use marble to create a breathtaking kitchen island.

Use wood finish

Back in the day, homeowners used wood to construct a wide range of home equipment, from wardrobes to kitchen cabinets. At present, wood is enjoying a comeback. Interior décor experts are now using wood to construct kitchen cabinets. They use an attractive wood finish with subtle colors to create more elegance in the room.

Consider dark walls

Unlike before, black is now used as a theme color in most homes. Black walls and surfaces create a classic ambiance that cannot get overlooked. Most kitchen remodeling experts use black on cabinets, cabinet handles, and walls. They say that black creates a homely atmosphere. Nevertheless, before you think of using black in your kitchen, ensure it complements your kitchen equipment.

Using color pops

Choose the right colors for your kitchen. Generally, the colors we select for our indoor spaces reflect our tastes and preference. Using a blend of different colors can make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. Use popping colors to highlight certain features of your kitchen. For instance, think of hanging a wall painting with popping colors on your kitchen wall. Alternatively, place different colored flowers on your countertop flower vase. Regardless of the colors you choose for your kitchen, ensure they complement your kitchen equipment. Moreover, it is advisable to select a color that won’t get outdated in the long run.

Install pendant lights

In this present age and time, pendant lights are common in most kitchens. Indisputably, pendant lights evoke so much attention from by-passers; of course, in a positive way. There is a broad spectrum of pendant lighting designs. Each of them offers unique aesthetics. Ensure that the pendant light design you choose complements your kitchen equipment. Statement lights are beautiful, especially for kitchens. They can transform dull kitchens into a first-class haven. If you have an open kitchen, statement lights are unquestionably for you.

Install double islands

Kitchen islands are increasingly becoming popular in most homes. Kitchen islands are perfect for large spaces. There are various kitchen island designs that work for different customer needs. Not only are kitchen islands functional, but they also making your kitchen more attractive. To save space, you can create a sink on your kitchen island. Also, you can place bar stools along the kitchen island to create a dining area.

Incorporate handleless design

One of the latest Houston kitchen remodeling trends is the handless design. Handleless kitchen cabinets are now becoming more popular. They provide a sleek look for your kitchen and are easy to operate. If you want a modern design in your kitchen, consider putting up handless cabinets.

Put up pantries

From the early years, homeowners have used pantries to store foods, among other kitchen items. Nowadays, experts create pantries as a separate section from the kitchen. Creating a modern-designed pantry significantly improves the aesthetics of your kitchen. Consider using high-quality polished wood to create your pantry. Doing this makes your kitchen look more modern. Alternatively, polish the pantry using a marble finish. Putting up a pantry in your kitchen provides more storage space and keeps all your kitchen equipment organized.

Houston Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2021

Use the color gold

Nowadays, homeowners can use various colors to finish their kitchen cabinets, sinks, and kitchen surfaces. Unquestionably, gold is classic. Gold brings about an elegant ambiance in the room. Consider lining your cabinet handles with gold. Doing this will impact the overall look of the room.

Additionally, consider a gold finish on your kitchen window seals and sink. You can also hang gold paint on the wall. Luckily, gold complements a wide range of colors; black, grey, white, among others.

Hire a reputable kitchen remodeling company

Are you looking for a reputable company to remodel your kitchen? Look no further; Phoenix Construction & Design has got you covered. We offer the best kitchen remodeling services in Houston. We focus on transforming kitchen spaces and making all your dreams come true. The best thing about us is that we pay attention to all your requirements.

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