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Interior 3D Design - 5 Incredible Concepts

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Over the years, interior 3D design has become increasingly popular among most individuals. With 3D concepts, designers are able to create world-class house and pool designs. Currently, there’s various 3D software that helps you create exceptional interior 3D design ideas. As a result, a good percentage of interior designers incorporate 3D design into their work.

Interior 3D Design - 5 Incredible Concepts

The meaning of 3D design

Typically, 3D design is responsible for transforming objects into three-dimensional objects using computer modeling software. 

5 incredible 3D design concepts

Indisputably, you can achieve a lot with 3D design. If you want to make the most out of interior 3D design, below are a few tips and tricks.

Use flat and 3D design together:

Designers can make the most out of their 3D designs by combing them with a flat design. In the early years, the contractor used to present flat designs and 3D designs separately. But combing the two deliver outstanding results.

Emphasis on using 3D design:

Another 3D design principle is emphasis. Emphasis helps you create a unique and satisfying experience for users. As an interior designer, use emphasis to create a contrasting area that captures the viewer’s attention.

A reason for 3D design:

Generally, you have to have an excellent reason for using a 3D design. Don’t just use 3D design for the sake of doing this; it won’t be impactful. Before creating an interior 3D design, it would be best to identify why you want to use it. Doing this will make the process of creating the design much easier.

45 Degree Rule:

Always remember to use support material for objects that exceed 45 degrees. You will need to incorporate several techniques to ensure such objects fit into your model.

Design To Avoid Using Support Material:

Although support materials come in handy for overhangs that exceed 45 degrees, they may ruin the aesthetics of the design. Various support materials are likely to tamper with your interior 3D design prints. Moreover, note that removing support material is tedious and takes a lot of time. It is always advisable to come up with interior 3D design models that can get printed without support materials.

The major tools for 3D design

As mentioned earlier, you can use several 3D design software to come with an exceptional object. Let’s look at some of the best software tools for interior 3D design.

3D Transform:

One of the best tools you can use is 3D Transform. You can find 3D Transform at Adobe XD. 3D Transform helps you turn flat objects into 3D objects. You can install it on your laptop. The best thing about this software is that it is relatively simple to use; hence perfect for beginners.


Blender is also a great software tool for 3D design. It is ideal for all designers, both beginner level and intermediate. One of the main advantages of using Blender is that it does not have a subscription fee.

Autodesk Maya:

Autodesk Maya is a powerful 3D design tool. It is often used by large designers who desire to create world-class designs. Although it has a subscription fee, it offers a free trial for one month. However, note that this tool is relatively expensive.


Another 3D software tool is ZBrush. It is relatively cheaper than Autodesk Maya. Also, ZBrush is a good 3D tool for both beginners and intermediate designers.

3D design trends

3D typography

This design trend was a popular option a couple of years ago. A good percentage of individuals loved 3D typography. However, the evolution of other 3D design concepts made 3D typography less popular over the years. A large percentage of 3D designers use 3D typography to add realistic effects to their presentations.

Interior 3D Design - 5 Incredible Concepts

3D characters

What comes to your mind when you think of 3D? A good percentage of people usually associate 3D with animation films. 3D characters are widely used for both commercial and residential purposes. For example, companies use 3D characters to identify with their audience to market their products. Many commercial visual advertisements incorporate three-dimensional characters. So, consider using 3D characters as a marketing strategy. Interior designers use 3D characters to show clients the outcome of the project.

Isometric design

Do you wish to incorporate an isometric design? One of the main advantages of this design is that you can create it without any software. Isometric designs have increasingly become popular among a majority of individuals over the years. Interior designers often use 3D typography to present three-dimensional in two dimensions.


Interior 3D design is widely used among most contractors. Before using interior 3D design, ensure you understand the key concepts involved. These concepts help you come up with the best 3D design presentations. We have the best 3D interior designers here at Phoenix Construction and Design who bring your dreams to life. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any home remodeling services.

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