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Backyard Remodeling & Renovations

Phoenix Construction & Design has been designing, restoring, and landscaping backyards in Houston for over 15 years. As a result, we are the first option among our community’s homeowner associations and residential property owners. Our customers enjoy the quality of our work and service because we are devoted to upholding the highest industry standards of integrity and quality. For a free site visit and estimate, please contact us.

Houston Backyard Remodeling

Decks And Patios

It’s time to put your fantasies aside and start planning your perfect patio and deck. Only your imagination and the surrounding nature limit the size, shape, and arrangement of your patio. Wood, concrete, and tiles are all options for patio and deck materials. Phoenix Construction & Design can make your patio dreams a reality with your vision and our implementation expertise.

Complete Project Planning

Phoenix Construction & Design is the most cost-effective and reliable landscaping company. Homeowners in the Houston region appreciate our high-quality service and workmanship, as well as our reasonable costs. Our eco-friendly designs complement and enhance your house.

Paving And Hardscaping

When it comes to hardscaping and pavement, Phoenix Construction & Design is a trailblazer. We specialize in customizing outdoor environments, from paving stone roads to paver patios, from a tiny fire feature to a full-scale outdoor kitchen. Our design and construction teams can bring your rooms to life.

The Cost of Home Remodeling in Phoenix

Reimagine Your Outdoor Environment

Our knowledge, one-on-one service, and inexpensive costs set us apart from our competitors.

Phoenix Construction & Design is one of Houston’s most reputable backyard remodeling companies. Our skilled and creative landscapers can design and construct your dream patios and decks. For a free appraisal, please contact us.

Hundreds of pleased customers have had their dreams come true because to our expertise. To learn more, please contact us immediately. BBQs, Fire Pits & Fireplaces, Waterfalls & Ponds, Custom Landscape Design, Trellises, Arbors & Patio Covers, Lighting Systems, and so much more are just a few of the things we do.

  • Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s
  • Firepits & Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Pergolas, Pavillions, and Arbors
  • Outdoor Seating Areas
  • Backyard Steps and Walkways
  • Decks and Patios
  • Stone Work and Outdoor Tile
  • Planters & Retaining Walls
  • Pavers & Coping
  • Concrete Flatwork
Backyard Remodeling Ideas That Save Time & Money

Contact the Houston Outdoor Living Renovation Experts

Whether you’ve just moved into a new house and want to make it your own, or you’ve lived in your house for years and have always imagined what it could be, the staff at Phoenix Construction & Design can help you build the backyard of your dreams.

Do you wish you had a getaway where you could host family reunions, neighborhood barbecues, boisterous pool parties, or relaxing evenings after a long day? Phoenix Construction & Design can turn your dream into a reality by adding elements like outdoor kitchens, shaded patios, fire pits, and water features to your oasis. We can create beautiful plantings that soften the hardscapes, add texture, and transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve completed thousands of gorgeous backyard restorations as a full-service Houston outdoor living contractor. Our staff creates and installs unique designs based on your preferences and the characteristics of your yard. The aesthetic of your home has an impact on your mood. Regardless of whether you like a formal or informal design, most homeowners find an appealing collection of flowers, trees, and plants, complemented by well-constructed hardscape and lighting, to be calming and inviting at any time of day or night. Allow us to organize an outdoor living consultation to ensure that your dream backyard meets all of your expectations.

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