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The Basics of Pool Construction in Phoenix 

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The Basics of Pool Construction in Phoenix 

Swimming pools are spectacular features that provide homeowners with a wide array of benefits. In particular, swimming pools deliver great aesthetics and functionality. Nonetheless, the process and costs attached to building pools can be disheartening. Fortunately, you can make pool construction easier by understanding all the basics involved in the entire process. So, let’s look at the basics of pool construction in Phoenix. 

 The Basics of Pool Construction in Phoenix 

What type of pool do I want?

Before you start the process of pool construction in Phoenix, you need to know the type of pool you want. Typically, there are three main types of pools; vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. Each of these pool types has different characteristics. Therefore, you have to weigh the pros and cons of each pool before settling for a specific pool type. Note that gunite pools offer the highest durability but are the most expensive. On the other hand, vinyl pools are the cheapest but require liner replacement every four to seven years. Your requirements determine the pool type you need at the end of the day.

Consider the following basics of pool construction in Phoenix.

The size of the pool

Another thing you need to know is the size of the pool. At present, there is a wide range of pool sizes to be installed. Your best pool size depends on the size of your yard. Your budget will also determine your pool size. If you have a fixed budget, consider constructing a small or medium-sized pool. On the other hand, build a large swimming pool if you don’t have a limited budget. Additionally, consider the depth of the pool before excavation.

The pool equipment needed

You need to determine all the pool equipment you want. Typically, you have to install a pool filter and pump. Other equipment like pool heaters is optional, so you can install them later to save on costs. Ensure you purchase quality equipment to boost the excellent functioning of the pool. It would be best to consult a professional pool contractor on purchasing the best equipment.

The type of pool finish

Identify the best finishing materials you can use for your pool. Some of them include tile, plaster, and glass. Different finishing materials vary in price. More often than not, the glass finish is the most expensive. However, it offers the best aesthetics. Keep in mind that the type of pool finish significantly contributes to the aesthetics of the pool.

Do I have a budget?

Needless to say, your budget determines the pool type and design you construct. Identify how much you are willing to spend and compare it with the market prices. Doing this helps you be more realistic with your budget. Present your budget to your pool contractor and find out the types of pools you can build. A reliable pool contractor will recommend the best pool designs that cater to your needs and budget.

Additional water features

Adding extra water features to your pool significantly improves the aesthetics of the pool. Some of the most common water features you should think of installing are rock waterfalls, spas, jets, bubblers, and sheer descents. Water features also make the pool more functional. For example, if you have a diving board or pool slide, you can increase the hours of pool play for your children. Expect to spend approximately $2,000 on water features.

The pool construction company

Indisputably, you need to hire a professional pool construction company that caters to all your needs. One of Arizona’s best pool construction companies is Phoenix Construction and Design. We have highly trained pool professionals who deliver quality installation. Once we listen to your requirements, we take the time to suggest the best pool designs for you. Afterward, we proceed with construction and complete it before the given deadline.

 The Basics of Pool Construction in Phoenix 

Zoning laws regarding pool construction in Phoenix 

You need to check your state’s pool construction guidelines. You can find this information at your local authorities’ office or through the government website. Remember, failure to follow these guidelines can lead to huge penalties in the long run. You need to book a site inspection with your local authorities before beginning construction. They evaluate the pool area and determine whether it qualifies for pool construction.

Knowing the circulation system of the pool

It is essential to identify the circulation system of the pool you want. The most common pool systems are chlorine, ozone, saltwater, and UV sanitation systems. Chlorine systems are the cheapest; however, they use a lot of chemicals. Both UV and Ozone systems are chemical-free, but they are expensive.

Hire Phoenix Construction and Design for your pool project

Ultimately, you need a dependable pool construction company like Phoenix Construction and Design to handle your project. We have highly dedicated experts who focus on making all your pool dreams come true. Due to our extensive experience, we are familiar with a wide range of pool types and designs. Thus, you can always count on us to deliver quality pool construction in Phoenix.

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