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The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

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The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping adds a whole new charm to your outdoor space. So, if you want to make your yard more attractive, consider landscaping. Fortunately, a broad spectrum of pool landscaping ideas can help you upgrade your yard. In this article, we look at some of the best pool landscaping ideas.

The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool Landscaping ideas to consider in your backyard

Encompass One Side of the Pool with Jungle-Inspired Plants

The first idea is to surround your pool with lush plants on one side. Doing this helps you create a tropical atmosphere in your yard. If you plan to incorporate this idea, ensure you conduct thorough research on the best plants available. It would be best to opt for hardy plants that can survive harsh climatic conditions. So, some of the plant varieties to consider include ferns and hostas.

Put up a rock wall on one side of the swimming pool

Rock walls are among the best features that can transform your pool into a premium oasis. You can customize your rock wall to complement your pool. If you are adding this feature to an existing pool, determine all the costs involved. Some high-end rock walls come with built-in outdoor speakers to offer more entertainment.

Install a shaded lounging area

The next way to landscape your pool is to build a lounging area. There is a wide range of materials you can use for your shaded lounging area. But the most common one is concrete. Put up a lounge with an umbrella shade beside your pool. Here, you can always relax as you enjoy the breathtaking views of your yard. Always consult your contractor on the best lounging design for your pool area.

Extend the deck area

A pool deck significantly contributes to the aesthetics of your yard. You can landscape your yard by expanding the pool deck area for more aesthetics. Adding stone pavers or concrete to your yard undoubtedly makes it look sophisticated. Nevertheless, note that installing a pool deck is costly; it can cost you approximately $7000 to do this.

Space out concrete pavers with grass in between

Consider leaving some grass in between the small spaces rather than covering your entire pool area with concrete or stone pavers. Doing this contributes to the aesthetics of your yard. It creates a naturalistic look that is modern. So, if you plan to replace your pool deck, consider implementing this idea into your pool area.

Add a raised wooden deck

Have you thought of adding a raised wooden deck? Raised decks are ideal for landscaping your pool. Doing this helps you create an illusional effect of a bigger yard. Spice up the raised wooden deck by adding a dining area to it. Here, you can dine with your family or hold special events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Add a rock waterfall to the pool

Waterfalls are one of the most popular water features among pool owners. These features often bring a classic look to your pool area. So, consider putting up a rock waterfall right beside your pool. Let the water from the waterfall cascade down to the main pool. Contrary to popular belief, rock waterfalls are not as expensive as most people think. They cost about $1500 to $10000. The price often depends on the size and design of the rock waterfall.

Plant flowers outdoors

Adding flowers to your pool area is a great way to make it more attractive. Plant flowers next to the pool area to add more color and elegance to the yard. There is a broad spectrum of flower varieties you can plant. So, before settling for a particular type of flower, ensure you understand the climatic conditions of your area. Some flowers, in general, cannot grow in certain temperatures. It would be best to grow flowers that can survive your region’s weather conditions. Even so, geraniums and lavenders are always a popular alternative for most climates.

The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

Install a fire pit or other fire features

Over the years, fire features have increasingly become popular among most homeowners. There is a broad spectrum of fire features; fire bowls, fire pits, among others. Fire features create a warm glow in your yard and enable you to relax, even on cold days. Once you’ve created a firepit, create a lounging area around the feature. However, it is relatively costly to install a fire feature. Expect to spend about $300 to $1400 on fire features.

Install a swim-up bar

Another pool landscaping idea is to build a swim-up bar. Swim-up bars create the perfect chill spot in the pool. Here you can sit and eat while partially immersed in the water. Consider attaching your swim-up bar to your outdoor kitchen island. Swim-up bars offer excellent functionality and enjoyment.


Are you looking for pool landscaping ideas? Phoenix Construction and Design has got you covered. We offer the best pool landscaping ideas that switch up your yard into a first-class haven. So, do not hesitate to contact us for any pool landscaping services.

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